Consultant Resources

Nonprofit managers must be cautious when hiring consultants. The first step is to determine whether the organization needs help from an outside expert. Next are decisions around carrying out the search process, consultant selection and relationship negotiation. Any organization can do this but it is helpful to get some guidance about this process. On this page you will find links to several useful resources to help you with this process.

Guidelines on How to Screen, Hire and Manage Consultants

Articles of Interest

In Search of the White Knight: Finding the Perfect Consultant (PDF 90KB)
By Terrie Temkin, CoreStrategies for Nonprofits
This article helps you choose the right consultant to work with your organization. 

How to Hire and Work with Consultants
Excerpted from Succeeding With Consultants, by Barbara Kibbe and Fred Setterberg
This piece explains the selection process for consultants. It provides questions to ask in interviews as well as questions to ask references.

Sample Contract
From the Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits
This provides sample contract language for consulting services.

The Ethics of Consulting Fees
From the Association of Fundraising Professionals
This article explores why percentage-based compensation of professional fundraisers is not ethical.

Please note that we in no way endorse any consultant listed in this directory.
We strongly advise you to check references before hiring a consultant.

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